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Heal most of the pain in your body the natural way by getting safe and innovative acupuncture services done in our office. Feel better without the use of drugs or surgery and all of the side effects that come with them.

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Acupuncture Spokane

Thank you for showing interest in Acupuncture Spokane WA. If you just searched “acupuncture near me” or “acupuncturist near me”, you have come to the right place where we are the number one choice for all of your pain management needs.

Are you having a hard time with taking drugs that are causing additional issues in your body and just masking the pain? Does the sound of surgery sound scary to you? We have the perfect solution to your worries.

Our office provides safe and effective pain management with less side effects than conventional treatments. We practice acupuncture therapy on patients who want to avoid going through surgery and all of the problems that can arise from it.

Don’t just deal with your pain, help your body feel better than it has in awhile with Spokane acupuncture.

We offer:

  • Scalp Acupuncture
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Fertility Acupuncture
  • Pain Management

About Our Acupuncture Company

We practice the most cutting edge pain management Spokane WA provides to the area. Each licensed acupuncturist in our office is trained to work with you and any of your doctors to relieve any issues you are having with your body.

We value the employment of knowledgeable and experienced acupuncturists who can treat your pain based on evidence to give you natural results that actually work. Our techniques will help your body feel like new without being invasive.

Our main goal is to be the leaders in acupuncture treatments by being innovative with our Spokane pain management. We pride ourselves in continual education and training that keeps us up to date with the latest practices that are proven with evidence of their effectiveness.

It is our mission to help you feel good as new and forget that you had been dealing with chronic pain for longer than you should have had to. We want to fix your issues without the need for conventional medicine or invasive surgery and guide your body to do what it was designed to do with the help from an acupuncture therapist in our office.

We are the number one facility for Spokane acupuncture and surrounding areas because we truly educate ourselves to treat you with procedures that are proven to work.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients choose our office because we give actual results with the best pain management Spokane WA has to offer and that is why everyone keeps coming back.

We are driven to successfully help your body heal itself with naturopathic methods of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is beneficial for everyone because it stimulates all of the systems in the body to reduce stress, pain, and improve your overall well-being.

It is important to us that our acupuncture clinic is a safe environment for you. We are always participating in training courses to make sure we are up to date with safety procedures and practices.

You might be asking, “What does acupuncture do?” It is our goal to educate our community on the importance of acupuncture treatments as part of the health and wellness world. We are adamant with our team to be helpful in teaching you why we are using certain techniques and how they will benefit you and your issues.

It has always been our mission to administer the most helpful acupuncture Spokane Valley and surrounding communities has to offer because we know it will help your body and we want you to feel its best.

Our clinic has been practicing acupuncture therapy on people in our area and encompassing cities for many years and we know how crucial it has been to present the safest pain management Spokane Valley has provided for all of these years.

Call our office immediately to get your body back to how it should be. Pain free is the way your body should be.

What To Expect

We are unique because we use top of the line acupuncture needles and techniques. Our acupuncturists have their own special techniques that will have you feeling relaxed during your whole appointment.

Clients choose us for our expertise and service styles. We are the leaders in Spokane acupuncture because of our approach to how and where we place the needles.

When you arrive at your appointment, we will go over the issues you are dealing with to determine the approach that will be the best for you. Your acupuncturist will ask you where you are experiencing pain and will check your pulse and blood pressure. This will help us get a better idea of what we are working with.

During your appointment:

  • Your practitioner will decide and map out where to insert the needles on your body. The needles are placed in different places with different depths all over you. You won’t feel the needle being inserted. It will be the best acupuncture Spokane has ever experienced because we make sure you feel relaxed and heard during your appointment.
  • The amount of needles that need to be used will be different for everyone, but it is usually a range of 5-20 needles depending on how much pain you have been experiencing before your appointment.
  • The practitioner will leave the needles in your body for up to 20 minutes before removing them. You will be relaxed the whole time and won’t feel a thing when the needles are being removed.


Many people find our services to be the best acupuncture Spokane has to offer because we are highly educated and experienced in all aspects of acupuncture treatments. We know how hard it is to be dealing with issues that can’t seem to be relieved without drugs or surgery. Our clinic is elite in our natural practices and it shows in our success rating.

Whether you are interested in acupuncture for anxiety or back pain acupuncture, we will aid in your body’s ability to naturally heal itself with our unique techniques.

spokane scalp acupuncture

Scalp Acupuncture

This service is a newer acupuncture procedure that hasn’t been around for more than 50 years. It is done by inserting needles into the scalp in a safe way to activate the brain and improve issues that can be caused by the brain.

For example, scalp acupuncture for migraines is helpful because the needles are placed to release endorphins and alleviate headaches.

spokane electroacupuncture


This service is the best option for relieving pain. It is a great form of acupuncture for back pain and restoring your health. Electroacupuncture is done with tiny electric currents between needles and increases the strength of regular acupuncture practices.

The frequency and wavelength can be increased or decreased to tailor the therapy to your specific pain and issues.

spokane fertility acupuncture

Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture for fertility is helpful by reducing your stress, increasing your blood flow to your reproductive system, and improving the well-being of your endocrine system. This service can help improve your fertility within at least 6 months depending on your body.

The needles are placed to correspond with your reproductive organs and help with your infertility issues. If you are searching for “fertility acupuncture near me”, you are in the right place.

spokane acupuncture pain management

Pain Management

Pain management through acupuncture is effective because it encourages blood to flow to the areas that are experiencing pain. The acupuncture needles are specifically placed on your body and area of pain to help it heal.

It is suspected in Chinese medicine that pain happens from blocked blood flow in the areas of the body that are dealing with the issues, so stimulating blood flow in those areas would prevent any blockages and result in less pain.

spokane facial acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is great for restoring your youthful glow. The process of inserting tiny needles all over your face in specific spots helps your skin think it needs to repair itself and in return making collagen to do the job.

This service also activates your lymphatic system which needs to be flowing properly to nourish your skin.

About Spokane Washington

Spokane is located on the eastern side of Washington State and is home to the Spokane Indian tribe.

The city is surrounded by beautiful outdoor scenery and activities. The Spokane River flows through the city and the Spokane Falls can be seen downtown in the gondola ride or walking along the river.

The ‘Lilac City’ is known for where Father's Day originated, its natural resources, and River Front Park. There is a lot to enjoy around Spokane with its restaurants and outdoor excursions.

The population is around 220,000 people. The economy is dependent on medical businesses, shopping, and entertainment avenues.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Spokane Valley, Wa
  • Cheney, WA
  • Liberty Lake, WA
  • Airway Heights, WA
  • Medical Lake, WA
  • Deer Park, WA
  • Many other areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works by stimulating your nervous system with small needles placed in strategic spots and healing your body.

How much does acupuncture cost?

Acupuncture pricing differs for each service. We welcome you to call us about pricing inquiries.

Where is the best acupuncture near me?

If you are in Spokane or surrounding areas, then we are the leading clinic in acupuncture practices.

Are there actual results from acupuncture?

Our clients have proven to us that acupuncture does work and will benefit anyone with a wide variety of issues.

Client Testimonials

I have been coming to this clinic for many years and I am so happy I found them when I did! My pain has greatly reduced. The acupuncture practitioner that I work with is knowledgeable and professional.

Greg D.

No matter where you feel uncomfortable and in pain, this clinic will find a way to help you feel like new again! They truly know what they are doing. I am so glad I found an alternative to medication.

Cassandra P.

This is a very welcoming place and I feel great coming here! If you want to feel like new and help your body heal then this is the place to go.

Ben W.

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Don’t let your body feel unnecessary pain any longer. Give your body some much needed relief with the best Acupuncture Spokane has to offer and let yourself live life to the fullest.

We are the leading clinic in our area for all of your acupuncture needs. Our staff is eager to help your body do what it's designed to do and give you a naturopathic option for your issues.

Call our office as soon as you get the change to set up an appointment today. We want to help you be the best version of yourself with our painless procedures.

Acupuncture Spokane

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